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Boxed Kits

ElectraPads Electro Sex Pack Electrastim
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The ElectraPads Electro Sex Pack is the most economical way of acquiring the Em32 digital electro sex stimulator.From Electrastim

The Pads measure 50mm(2") square, are self adhesive and can be placed across any desirable area. You and...
RRP £98.99
You save: £10.00 (10%)
Only £88.99

ElectraLoops Electro Sex Pack Electrastim
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Yes its True - Electrically Conductive Rubber Loops which are Fully Adjustable!

Use one ElectraLoop around your scrotum and one around the base of your cock. Adjust each loop to the required size using the sliding adjuster and ...
RRP £129.00
You save: £10.00 (7%)
Only £119.00

ElectraProbe Electro Sex Pack Electrastim
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This pack includes a probe which is perfectly shaped to stay in place and works a treat. To enhance the comfort and intensity of the ElectraProbe experience, a premium lubricant is included. This probe can be used discretely to give you the ultimate ...
RRP £129.00
You save: £4.00 (3%)
Only £125.00

Electrastim SensaVox  Electro Stimulation Kit
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Developed especially for the Electro Simulation Connoisseur the ElectraStim SensaVox has stacks of features and heaps of finely controllable power!

This unit has two independantly controllable outputs allowing you to use two bi-polar a...
RRP £299.00
You save: £20.00 (6%)
Only £279.00

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